Co-educational boarding-school
Accredited institution of secondary learning

At the Pädagogium we are not exclusively focused on teaching academic knowledge, but we are equally concerned with teaching our students social skills and preparing them for all vital matters. They are to understand that in order to succeed and excel in life, mental ability is just as important as skills and commitment. Thus, life at the Pädagogium combines academic education with a multifaceted range of offers to work in groups enabling students to learn to assume social responsibility.

Quick Facts

Educational form/Certificate: Grammar school (Gymnasium)

Leaving certificate: Abitur after 12 years (last time in 2019) or 13 years  (A-levels)

Language program:
English (class 5)
French or Latin (class 6)
Latin or French as 2nd or 3rd language in class 11

Total number of pupils: 320

Number of boarders: up to 45

Size of classes: 16 – 25

Size of groups in boarding school: 8-12

Additional educational services: remediation courses
Special courses: Learn how to learn

Homework: supervised during study hours

Activities: sports like judo, basketball, soccer, badminton,volleyball, golf, billiards

Study groups/guilds/workshop:
astronomy, chess, arts, chemistry, biology, IT
handicrafts: like sewing, pottery, model train
music: choir, big band

Living units: single-bed rooms

Daily routine:
7.00 am breakfast
7.30 am – 1.50 pm lessons
1.00 pm lunch
2.00 – 4.00 pm workshops, remediation courses etc.
4.05 – 6.00 pm study hours
6.30 pm dinner
10.00 pm bed time

Costs for EU Students:

classes 5 – 10:
EUR 1,800.-  / month   –   EUR 21,600.- / year
+ approx. EUR 40.- / month (for personal expenses)

classes 11 – 13:
EUR 1,900.- / month   –   EUR 22,800.- / year
+ approx. EUR 75.- / month (for personal expenses)
Holiday accomodation: EUR 500.- / week

Costs for Non-EU Students:

classes 9 – 13:
EUR 30,600.- / year
+ approx. EUR 75.- / month (for personal expenses)
Holiday accomodation (except Christmas and summer) included

Additional costs:

Registration fee for EU Students:    EUR 350.-
Registration fee for Non-EU Students:    EUR 600.-
School leaving fee: EUR 50.-

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